Svitlana - Cover Exerpt from Miami Lights
WHO IS SVITLANA (in her own words)

Where were you born?
I was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Where have you lived?
Many places! A few highlights include:
- 1977 my family moved to Hungary, Budapest.
- 1980 we went back to Vinnitsa.
- After High school, I attended music college by Nikolay Leontovich 1987-1989,
- University in Vinnitsa, Ukraine -1990-1994
- In 1996 I moved to Miami.

In what parts of the world have you performed?
I have performed in
North of Russia
New York
Las Vegas
Palm Beach
and Miami

What are some of the more notable places you have performed?
Cyprus - Nikossia,
Hungary - Budapest,
Orenburg - Ryazan-Russia.
Viscaya Mansion in Miami - Famous mansion featured in many movies
Versace Mansion in South Beach.

Any performance highlights you'd like to share?
The concert on the stadium of Vinnitsa, were I was performing and announcing the famous band of 80’s Boney ”M”.  Also, very sweet memories I have about working in the band “Aut-Ukraine” with a Belarusian star Yaroslav Evdokimov.

What other groups have you performed with?
The first band I have performed is “Maskarad” from 1988-1989. Then in 1990 I start working with band “Barhatniy sizon”. In 1992-1993 the Band “Aut” and star Yaroslav Evdokimov. In 1994 I was as a lead singer of the show ballet “Apple”  in Cyprus. I arrived in the USA with the band ”Trizub”. I soon assembled a Russian Cabaret troupe called "Kalinka". We traveled and performed together for almost ten years. I was the lead singer and danced with them. The girls all came from the Ukraine, I am proud of them and many of them are still some of my best friends.

Who are your favorite musical groups?
It is hard to limit myself to just a few, but some of my favorite singers are Sofia Rotaru and Celine Dion. Some of my favorite musical groups are “ABBA”, “Boney-M”,” Sade”,  “Bee Gees”, “Ace of Base”, “The Beatles”, ”Ottawan”, “Neoton”, “Mashina vremeni”, “Zemlyane”… and many others.

Who were your biggest influences?
My biggest influence is legendary Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru. I was 5 years old, when I first heard her singing on the radio. Then, when I later met her personally, I  decided to become a singer like her. One of my dreams is to one day sing with her!

What other artists have inspired you?
Since coming to the USA I have had a chance to see Celine Dion in concert. She impressed me so much. I was so happy ,smiling, crying the same time. Also, Sade in concert was incredible. The latest concert I saw with my beloved husband, was “Police” with Sting. It too was amazing.

Tell about the 7(!) movies you've been in so far
I have been in Russian movies
1. “Prima Donna- Mary”-2000 - producer Anatoliy Airamjan
2. .” Delay reflex”-2000 - produced by A.Airamjan
3. ”Lover from Moscow” - 2001-A.Airamjan
4. ”Light kiss”-2002 - A.Airamjan
5”Getting married in 24 hours” - 2003-A.Airamjan
6.”Citizen Mavzik”- One Song on my new Cd
    comes from this movie! (click to play music video)
    2003- produced by Vilen and Alan Melikdjanian
7.”Gift of Nature”- Starring role - 2004-produced by
    Anatoliy Airamjan

Any other information of interest to fans that comes to your mind?
Restaurants in Miami where I have performed:
1996- 1999 La Luna
1999 - 2000 Sadko
2000-2003 Pearl Club
2004 - 2007 SugarRush

I perform songs in following languages:


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